When carrying out a treatment, the reiki practitioner channels energy from everything around us (ie, the universe) into the client, encouraging a sense of deep relaxation that promotes healing.  I use a 'hands off' approach, letting my hands 'float' above the client's body, and the only things I ask a client to remove are their coat and shoes.  



Crystal Healing
The use of crystals to aid healing has been documented by civilisations all over the world, dating back to at least the Ancient Egyptians.  Crystals are thought to have healing vibrations or properties which can interact with the body's own energy to relieve 'blockages' and promote healing.  In this treatment, crystals will be placed on the client along the line of the major chakra points to help improve a sense of well-being.  Reiki techniques may or may not be used alongside, depending on the needs of the client.
Chakra Re-balancing

The word chakra is sanscrit for 'disc' or 'wheel' and there are numerous chakra, or energy, points in the body, which all correspond to different physical, mental and spiritual functions.  The chakras are constantly spinning and vibrating but can become unbalanced, leading to a person feeling 'out of sorts'.  This treatment will use a mixture of crystal and reiki healing to re-balance the main chakras



All treatments are £45 per session and last about 45 minutes


The first session will include an initial consultation



"Very welcoming and relaxing experience.  I'll definitely be back, highly recommended."

Sarah D

"So relaxing, well worth having done.  Will definitely have it done again."

Karen H

"I was surprised at the deep sense of peace and well-being that came over me during the session."

David W

These treatments are not a substitute for conventional medicine, always seek medical advice from a doctor.